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December 10, 2018
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May 29, 2019

Cheap Yogyakarta Tour Package: 4 Top Hangout for Young People

Cheap Yogyakarta Tour Package

Yogyakarta is famous for its cheap tour cost. And when you can get Cheap Yogyakarta tour package, it means you get a double benefit for your traveling cost. Yogyakarta is so enchanting since it gives people a warm and comfort of home. Even the international tourists feel Yogyakarta is a perfect place for a peaceful holiday. People all want to come back to the city because of the atmosphere and good vibes. In addition, Yogyakarta is one of the richest cities in Indonesia in terms of creative industries and heritage sites.

Yogyakarta never stops innovating for serving the best tourism facilities. There are various new restaurants to dine in Yogyakarta that offer cheap rates. Also, the hotels and villas are affordable as well. The transportation, the tour package, and even the souvenirs are all cheap. This is a perfect city to visit if people want to enjoy a successful budget trip

The peacefulness of Yogyakarta makes this city a perfect destination for a retired people. However, today Yogyakarta has changed into a livelier place. New restaurants and cafes are designed to give a great ambiance for the youngsters. Here are some of the best places for young tourists that can be included in Yogyakarta tour itinerary.

1. House of Raminten

Cheap Yogyakarta tour package will show people the best place to dine in Yogyakarta. House of Raminten is only a stunning place for cheap meals but also for the youngsters to hangout. The interior space is so comfortable for people to enjoy Javanese traditional dishes. The atmosphere is elegant with the detail ornament and furniture. Also, people can listen to the sacred traditional Javanese music while dining in this place. Several spaces with floor tables will give youngsters great time in this place.

The menus are varied, and all of them are tasty. People will love this place for the small portions served in this place. The price is affordable, and youngsters will enjoy various dishes since there are served in a very small portion.

During weekends, the place will be crowded though it opens 24 hours a day. Come early on the weekend so you do not wait too long. The most popular items are the traditional ginger drink and roasted chicken. The rate starts from 1.000 rupiahs to 25.000 rupiahs. What is so good about this place is the casual ambiance which fits the spirit of youngsters. You need to include this in our Cheap Yogyakarta tour package.

2. Angkringan KR

In Yogyakarta, street food vendors are called Angkringan. That is called so because people usually spend a long time sitting and talking with friends. The menus might be trivial and humble, but the ambiance is unmatched. Of so many kinds of angkringan in Yogyakarta, Angkringan KR is one of the most famous choices. The place serves various dishes with rice; the signature cuisine of Javanese. Some of the dishes are spicy, so you have to ask before ordering. The great thing is that everything is served in a small portion and so cheap. You can meet people from different communities gather in this place to hang out. The rate ranges from 1,000 rupiahs to 5,000 rupiahs only. The foods are cheap and the happiness is free. Yogyakarta excursion will not be perfect without Angkringan visit.

3. Epic Cafe

This place has a terrific ambiance with the industrial warehouse New York interior design. It is one of the hype places in get cheap Yogyakarta tour package for youngsters to gather. Besides a superb menu of fusion and signature dishes, this restaurant also sells interior decorations. It has a vast area of indoor and outdoor which will give people fun time dining in this restaurant. Even though the interior design looks luxurious and prestigious, this restaurant sets a cheap rate for the dishes.

4. Blanco Coffee & Book

If you are girls and young, it will be hard to ignore this place because the owner is irresistibly good looking. Blanco Coffee & Book is now popular as a good place for the youngsters. The interior is furnished with large-sized tables. Therefore, this café is a good pick for a meeting or working. This place adds the word book in the title for a reason; it has big bookshelves with good books. While waiting for the dishes, visitors can take a book or two and start reading. Despite the cool concept, this place serves delicious dishes in low prices. The dishes start from 15,000 to 30,000 rupiah. In this place, cheap Yogyakarta tour package is not something impossible.

To enjoy all of those places, you need to set a perfect itinerary in our trip in Yogyakarta. You can rely on online travel agency for booking the package. One of the best like us is perfect place to consult and find information about Yogyakarta tour.