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November 9, 2018
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December 10, 2018

From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta; Special and Tasty Cuisines

From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta

People say a vacation will not be perfect until they try the best local cuisines. Even in daily life, people often eat out just to get some refreshment. That is why culinary business is a never ending trend. Many business compete each other in terms of innovations to invite more people. And when people leave for a vacation, it will be great to include a culinary tour in the schedule. When tourists go to Indonesia, they will have a fun time trying out various kinds of cuisines. From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta, there will be hundreds of unique local mouth-watering foods to taste. Those who love spicy foods will love Indonesia because many of the cuisines are hot and spicy. The beverages, soups, and salads are served with a different flavor in various regions in Indonesia. Even, only in the area of Java and Bali, the cuisines are spectacular.

From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta is a long trip but it will not be boring, especially for culinary lovers. The tour package is never too expensive. People might recognize Bali as the best tourist destinations offering a high-class outdoor tour. Bali is even popular for its luxury and humble atmosphere. Most people will go home with peace as they spend their splendid time in Bali. But more than that, Bali is the heaven for delicious foods. One of the best will be Ayam Betutu or Roasted Chicken. Next, tourists can order satay. There are several variants of satay to try in Bali.

Ijen Tour from Bali and Local Delicacies

Bali is definitely a superb island with awesome cuisines. What makes it special is the ambiance of the restaurants. The interior design of the restaurants in Bali is no joke. The designers often insert natural elements inside the cafes or restaurants. The ornaments of climbing trees and green leaves will improve the appetite of every visitor. In addition, people will see some ethnic ornaments placed around the corner of the restaurants. In Bali, there will be many tables or shelves for the owners to place offering or Sajen. That will be unique as well. And finally, it will be so much wonderful to enjoy the foods while listening to the traditional gamelan sounds.

Continuing a journey to Ijen will be so much comfortable as tourists have the list of delicious foods that they want to try around Ijen Crater and Banyuwangi. Beside Rujak Soto, Banyuwangi is also a wonderful city with good restaurants. Tourists can visit one to order chicken with peanut sauce salad or anything else. The menus can be surprising most of the time. Tourists will love to do the culinary tour after completing the trekking to the Ijen Crater. From Bali to Ijen Bromo YogyakartaIjen will leave a deep impression because of the unique lake on the crater and the Blue Fire experience. The tour of Bali Ijen can be one of the most challenging compared to other outdoor tours in Indonesia and even in the whole universe. People will treasure their moments of standing by the most dangerous volcanic lake in the world.

Bromo Yogyakarta Culinary Tour

From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta is enjoyable to try for the cuisines in Bromo restaurants. While staying at the lodge or resorts in Bromo, tourists can try roasted beef ribs and the herbal drink. All of which are amazingly delicious.

Next, after Bromo, the tourists will head to Yogyakarta. The world knows Yogyakarta is the superb place with cheap street foods with the taste of five-starred hotels. In Yogyakarta, there are countless cuisines to try. The foods will fit people who love meats, chickens, and even vegetarians. Tourists can simply order the best cuisines from their hotel rooms. They can also order the best foods at the food courts and special restaurants. Tourists should never skip Bale Raos while spending a trip to Yogyakarta. The restaurants offer various dishes which are all made with the taste and plating like that of royal families. If you are ready for that amazing pleasure, you need to simply contact reliable local travel planner.