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May 29, 2019
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Ijen Tour from Bali Takes You a Wonderful Hiking Experience

The wonderful scene of Blue Fire on Ijen Craters is always successful in attracting people to come. Both local and international tourists are willing to take midnight trips to see nature’s rare phenomenon. Ijen tour from Bali is a popular package, as many tourists in Bali or Balinese people want to see the scene, which is not available in the Island of God. Yes, there are only two Blue Fire scenes in the world – one in Iceland and another on Ijen Crater.

Ijen Tour from Bali: a Trip to See the rare Blue Fire

You will never regret the journey to Mount Ijen. It is true that you have to keep awake and take an adventurous trip to Mount Ijen. It is not an easy trip, of course, but the scenes you will enjoy on the peak will pay all the energy you spent to hike up the mountain. Here are wonderful things you can enjoy by taking Ijen Tour from Bali:

  • The Milky Way
Ijen Tour from Bali

Ijen Tour from Bali

You can see nature’s rare phenomenon at midnight by using a camera with special lenses. Of course, you have to stay awake at midnight after spending a tiring trip from Banyuwangi to Ijen. Do not miss to take some beautiful photos with Milky Way as the background.

  • A Hike to Ijen Crater

After taking some rest at the accommodation facilities, you will take a hiking route to Ijen crater. The trip usually begin exactly at the turn of the day, namely at 00.00. It takes about 1 to 2 hours of hike to get to the crater, depending upon your energy and speed.

  • The Wonderful Blue Fire

It is certain that only Ijen has such a wonderful phenomenon in Indonesia. Another one is seen in Iceland, but it takes even more energy and time to see the phenomenon in Iceland.

If you have more time, taking a longer tour package would provide you with an unforgettable experience. Bromo Ijen tour package is another option. Unlike Ijen Tour from Bali, which only concentrates in Banyuwangi and surrounding area, Bromo Ijen Tour also takes you to the beautiful city of Malang.

Ijen Tour from Bali: Great Things to See Around

If you choose to focus the Ijen Tour from Bali in Banyuwangi and Mount Ijen, you can actually visit some other surrounding tourist objects. If you have enough free time, make sure to visit one or more of the following objects before returning to Bali:

  • The Crescent Crater

Besides Ijen Crater, there is another beautiful crater nearby. As the name suggests, there is a crescent-shaped mound in the middle of the crater. The crater offers you the beauty of Mount Raung and Banyuwangi from a different viewpoint.

  • Hot water baths
  • A number of waterfalls, including Blawan Falls, Kampung Anyar Falls, Kali Bendo Falls, and Kali Pait Falls. All of them are not far away from Ijen Craters

Of course, there are many other objects to enjoy while taking Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali. Get more information on the packages by visiting our website or contacting us on Contact Us Page.