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January 29, 2019
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Yogyakarta City Tour Package: Is There Any Other Than Borobudur?

Yogyakarta City Tour Package

If tourists search for the best destination that offers heritage sites, tasty culinary, peaceful ambiance, and world class art, Yogyakarta is the best place to recommend.

Yogyakarta City Tour Package is definitely the brilliant deal for people who search all kinds of enjoyment.

The detail beauty of Yogyakarta has been charming international tourists for decades. Yogyakarta was a precious place with a royal family and priceless culture.

Many people associate Yogyakarta as the center of Javanese. The place is the place where people speak the most appropriate Javanese language.

The region plays important roles in Javanese culture and art conservation. In addition, Yogyakarta is the heart of Javanese ethnicity because of the valuable attitude and personalities of the people.

Even though the city is most famous for its cultural and heritage sites, people can actually see more than just those attractions.

Yogyakarta is even now developing into a creative industry region that invites more youngsters.

In the past, Yogyakarta is only famous for the Batik industry and old-fashion types of tour destinations. Today, it is a hype destination for young people as well.

In addition, some people believe that Yogyakarta is only attractive around Borobudur and that is all.

That is wrong because there will be many other places to explore other than Borobudur. Indeed, the giant temple of Buddhist is a magnet for tourists to come to Yogyakarta. But there are any other reasons that people need to explore in Yogyakarta.


Yogyakarta City Tour Package Itineraries

It is hard to determine only one or two destinations in Yogyakarta since there will be a cluster of tourism attractions to visit.

For instance, tourists can do the city tour with heritage palaces and other royal sites to include. In addition, people can do the Borobudur sunrise tour with additional Candirejo village visit.

The Borobudur is already enchanting during the day. Yet, it will be more stunning to see the temple in the different point of view; during the sunrise.

Tourists can book the package of Borobudur sunrise through the agency so they can get pleasure in the luxurious time of sunrise over Borobudur temple.


Next, people can do the cultural trip in Yogyakarta that covers several activities.

First of all, people need to think about cycling in the Prambanan complex. Prambanan is popular for the amazing constructions and architecture.

Besides, it holds very interesting stories of love and revenge. In addition, Prambanan is the right site for learning the myths and histories of Javanese royal life in the past.

The technology applied in the construction of Prambanan show the magnificence of this destination. Besides, people need to book the ticket for the Ramayana ballet dance performance in the theaters of Prambanan.

The epic performance of the dance in the outdoor stage will be the essential part of this.

Yogyakarta city tour package: Cultural and Home Industry Tour

There are more than just Borobudur in Yogyakarta and people will need to make a good selection of itinerary.

This is so because there are too many interesting places to visit in this city. After the two mega stars of Borobudur and Prambanan, tourists can start the cultural trip in royal palace, royal garden, and other temples.

Besides, it is recommended that tourists visit some home industries of Batik manufacturing. To visit the village with batik fabric home industries will tourists’ special experiences.

Yogyakarta City Tour

Yogyakarta City Tour

Gunung Kidul region is one of the most recommended places for this tour. In addition, tourists can go to Kotagede to meet the traditional silversmith in the area.


Yogyakarta city tour package: Outdoor Trip

Yogyakarta itinerary 5 days will be a great chance for people to see the different sides of Yogyakarta. Join the lava tour to see the trace of Merapi eruption.

After that, travelers can visit the pretty beaches and caves in Yogyakarta. The amazing nature and landscape of Yogyakarta will be perfect as people test their adrenaline with the outdoor trip itinerary.

Yogyakarta city tour package does not always all about Borobudur. Those alternatives can be included to make the trip more pleasurable.

People can also walk down the popular streets to try local cuisines. Yogyakarta will be full of surprises as people ready to explore more than Borobudur temple. Go to and get your package ready.