From Bali to Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta; Special and Tasty Cuisines
November 29, 2018

Yogyakarta Tour Package: 5 Days Itinerary

Yogyakarta Tour Package

Spending a holiday in Yogyakarta will never be a wrong choice. There are various choices that you can pick. Yogyakarta is a nice place for people of all ages and tastes. Everything in Yogyakarta is comfortable. First of all, the weather is convenient and so people do not have to bring too many clothes. Besides, the people are nice and kind-hearted. The cuisines are so much tasty. But the best thing is that the rates for delicious foods are affordable in Yogyakarta. People can eat in a food court in a mall or a restaurant without worrying about the price. Besides, it is convenient to try street foods. Yogyakarta tour package is a bundle of joy simply designed for you.

Why pay a huge cost if you can enjoy a special holiday at the affordable rate? Yogyakarta has it everything. You can discover all in 5 days with Yogyakarta tour package. Tourist can go to the class tour for learning how to create Batik, the traditional fabric. After that, people can go to some other crafts house to see how the locals work. Or, it is also possible for you to learn how to play the traditional music instrument, Gamelan. Besides the classes, people can pick a sweet escape to see what is popular in the town. Yogyakarta is warm but what makes the city that interesting? Those who want to know deeper story about the city can go to the royal palace. They need to also visit the beautiful royal garden. The legendary historic bathing complex is more than impressive.

Yogyakarta City Tour

When it is for a city tour, it is not always a short trip of sightseeing. You can actually take your time to enjoy the deep personalities of the city. And it is wonderful if you can spend your time for the Ramayana Ballet. The dance performance is so elegant and worth the price. You will enjoy the world class ballet show performed in Prambanan Temple. You can get the ticket online or ask the tour and travel agency to include the ticket in the rates. It will be better to check the schedule online, so you do not miss anything. The dance shows will be some of the best experiences you get in Yogyakarta city tour.

In addition, you can get relaxed in the superb spa and beauty house during Yogyakarta tour package. The atmosphere that you enjoy in the resorts where you stay will make you drowsy. Famous beauty spa in Yogyakarta offers a more comfortable ambiance. The interior designs and the facilities are amazing. The skilled massage experts will help you to get relaxed before leaving for the next destinations. And when your bodies are ready, Yogyakarta night food tour is your dream itinerary. Street food vendors and many other food stalls offers various pocket-freindly foods with amazing tastes.

Yogyakarta itinerary 5 days

Even for the local tourists, visiting Yogyakarta in one day will never be enough. It is thus recommended to take the 5-days itinerary to get pleasure in the royal Yogyakarta ambiance. The most important itinerary is the Borobudur tour. The iconic temple of Buddhist is the site should never be skipped. You need to use your whole day to enjoy the temple. First of all, you need to witness the sunrise in Borobudur and continue with the activities that you will love. The next day, you can do the city tour. After that, you have to take Lava Tour to the Merapi volcano. The beaches in Yogyakarta are pretty. So, make sure to visit one or two, and you will see Yogyakarta from the different sides. Lastly, Yogyakarta itinerary 5 days will be an outdoor tour to Jomblang cave or river tubing adventure in Pindul Cave.

Yogyakarta tour package is perfect for all types of travelers. The tour will be more exciting as people do it with many people. It is also comfortable to visit the online tour and travel agency that handles Yogyakarta tour package professionally. You can trust your priceless holiday to the trusted agent. The service will set up a compact itinerary that will fill your vacation with joy. Get in touch for further information.