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Yogyakarta Travel Package: Places To Visit On Your First Trip

Yogyakarta Travel Package for First-timers

Are you going to Yogyakarta for the first time?

You need to really anticipate a great adventure in this very city.

Yogyakarta is a special region with a deep cultural attraction and heritage site exposure. Besides, there are also many things related to the royal life of the Yogyakarta Kingdom or Kasultanan Yogyakarta.

There are many recommendations of attractions in Yogyakarta, but there are at least four spots first-timers should include in their Yogyakarta travel package.

Many people have come to Yogyakarta repeatedly and find Borobudur is still an awesome place to visit.

Borobudur now offers several new attractions. In the past, people can only enjoy Borobudur by taking a walk and climb up the temple. But today, people have a chance to enjoy a sunrise in Borobudur.

People can go to Puntuk Setumbu Hill to witness the legendary sunrise over Borobudur Temple. Besides, tourists can go to Manohara restaurant to get pleasure in the stunning sunrise in Borobudur.

Tourists have to get prepared to wake up early while taking the tour in Yogyakarta. This city is not a place for those who love to sleep nicely in the hotel until the midday. Even the sunrise in Yogyakarta is special.

Places to Visit: Wrapped Up in Yogyakarta Travel Package

There are five places in Yogyakarta first-timers should visit:

  1. The Great Ancient Borobudur

A trip to the largest Buddhist temple located in a Magelang is 2 hours from Yogyakarta city. The temple was built in the 9th century. It has a grande Gupta architecture with the influence of India.

It is so much interesting since the Borobudur is the temple of Budha while India is the center of Hinduism. The temple outshines the prettiness of Java glory through its 504 Buddha statues.

If you are done with the beauty of Borobudur, you can now leave for Prambanan.

  1. Prambanan Temple

This stunning Hindu Temple is less than an hour drive from the city center of Yogyakarta. You might feel like wasting your time to visit another temple on your Yogyakarta travel package. However, Prambanan is too gorgeous to miss. Famous as a Roro Jonggrang Temple, it is a site that the history reminds us of true love.


The temple of Prambanan was discovered and restored by the Dutch. The temple was basically dedicated to Shiva. The complex has various small temples with different height. The highest point is 47 meters. Through the walls of Prambanan, you can also explore the beauty of Javanese history. The place will surely be the best place to watch the sunset. The temple has the relics of Ramayana. At the same place, you will love to watch the fascinating Ramayana ballet show.


Get the ticket online and arrange your schedule well, so you will have sufficient time to get ready to watch the show. There are two types of shows. You can enjoy it indoor and outdoor. Yet, it is recommended to buy the tickets for the outdoor theater since it will be more epic. Prambanan will surely be one of the best on the Yogyakarta city tour package.


  1. Royal Palace and the Water Castle

The trip will be so much unforgettable since the architecture blends well with the serene atmosphere. The Javanese architecture shows a dramatic detail and once you arrive at the Royal Garden, you will know that Javanese has an elengant taste of art.

The Royal Palace or Kraton was built in 1757 and is still serving the royal family. The Sultan rules the special province of Yogyakarta, so the family is still the highest governing leader at the province. You will be enchanted by the authentic structure of the palace.


  1. Malioboro Street

Finally, visit Malioboro for getting relaxed and shop a lot.

Even though you will rarely get branded and ultra expensive products at the street, you will still get great satisfaction.

You can taste the most delicious Yogyakarta delicacies on the street. And it will be super fun to just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on the street.

Those are several most important things to do in your first Yogyakarta travel package

Now if you have to leave the enchanting Yogyakarta, you can choose whether to continue the adventure to Bromo, Ijen or Bali.

Or you can get all the wonderful experiences in one package Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Bali tour.

You can choose to plan your own tour or trust the task to a local reliable agency.

For the first timers, it is important to be well informed about Yogyakarta before going.